How a Woman is using Makeup Supplements to Change a Country

This is such a cool thing to hear about, there is a woman who is bring tons of new makeup to Nigeria. She is starting a business that will be networking all aspects of makeup to Nigeria, which is a country that has no makeup. Now for most women, this is something that we don’t ever think about. If you are like me, and live in America, we have too many makeup options. As a matter of fact, it begins to be something that we take for granted. We complain when our favorite brand of makeup has no sales or they raise the price. Worse off, maybe they discontinue a makeup that you like. We have all been in a situation where we had to buy another brand of makeup that wasn’t the one that we usually use and that bothered us. We wanting to be purchasing the makeup that we wanted and the store was out of it or some other thing happened that led us to not having this product.

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Cosmetic Critique rarely stops to think about how odd it would be if the country that you lived in just flat out had no makeup. Imagine what kind of world that would be. You would never know how to apply makeup in the way that you like because that product or line of products does not exist at all. This is what women in Nigeria face because they simply have never had makeup. It is by doing this, that we must put themselves in their position. The level of excitement has got to be high for these women to look like the ones that they see on tv and in the magazines and movies. They can now try something out that they have never tried their entire lives, which is a pretty cool feeling.

This woman is setting everything to up to have the entire country have a big network of supplies, which begs the question of: why didn’t other big brands not bring makeup there or think to start doing it? That would be something that I do not know the answer to but the important thing is that it is actually starting to happen and a big change is abut to come to Nigeria. Lastly, think of what the men will think once this happens. Will they be on board and enjoy the new look or is this so foreign to them that they will hate it?